Thursday, July 30, 2009

Men's 2009 Watch Release

This is a new one!! A Men's Watch Release! Check out these great watches for the guys in your life. Click the logo above to go directly to my website.

Image Maker - You will find him on the sidelines, he doesn't say much as he is an “Image Maker” and his accessories speak for him. A wafer thin case headlines its jet black face studded hourly with Swarovski's clear crystals, easy to read hands, perpetual calendar and fine Japanese movement adds even more character to it's fine black strap.

Leading Man - Life is a continuation on what everyone says of you and what you say about yourself – so say, yes, to this classic watch if you give a care about what they say about your dress code. This very impressive time piece was designed for the man with impecable taste and an expert eye for high quality accessories. This superb watch features an easy to read face studded quarter hours, a perpetual calendar and a flawless Japanese movement displayed on a high quality brown leather strap.

Power Play - For a man jewellery has to be comfortable, functional and handsome. This sleek wafer thin time piece features easy to read roman numerals set on a golden face and enhanced with a tan leather strap to reflect the man who is comfortable, punctual and handsome.

Quiet Confidence - This stainless steel watch features an avant garde black face, easy to read hands and fine Japanese movement diplayed on a handsome black leather strap to give its wearer the “Quiet Confidence” that can only be achieved by the man who wears a good looking watch.

Top Notch - As rugged and handsome as the man that wears it, this Top Notch stainless steel watch features an oversized face, a fine Japanese movement, a second hand sweep and a perpetual calendar. This extremely tough time piece was designed especially for the man who has a rugged job to match it.

See all of these and the rest of our 4,000+ piece collection online by clicking here.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

2009 Western Release is Here!!

It is here!! But only for a very limited time! Check them out below. As always, you can find these pieces and so many more on my website at or by contacting me directly at

Thursday, July 16, 2009

August Birthstone Piece

Hey you lucky girls with an August Birthday! Fifth Avenue Collection has just released it's latest Piece of the Month - just for you!

August Rush - $89.99 Set

Blazing peredot, triple A quality cubic zirconia, trimmed with sparkling clears takes center stage in this lovely jewellery.

Finished in rich rhodium and enhanced with a complimenting designer chain, makes this month's serene birthstone piece an absolute knock-out!

Sterling silver hooks or adjustable clips.16" Neckpiece with 2" extension.Lead and nickel free.